are comprehensive monitoring Solutions


Monitor, Alert, Analyze – 24/7 !

azeti SONARPLEX are comprehensive and easy-to-use monitoring solutions for infrastructure in IT. 

Monitoring of:

  • Server (service-level)
  • Network infrastructure (e.g. routers, switches)
  • Applications (websites, e-commerce, ERP systems)
  • Peripherals (printer, storage)
  • Environmental parameters (temperature, access control, air conditioning, etc.)  

Your benefit:

  • Increase in the company’s safety
  • Time saving (SONARPLEX technology undertakes all routine activities)
  • More information about status and availability – act instead of react!

Managed Service

azeti monitoring solutions offer new revenue potential.

Together with you we develop new business concepts for your success as a service provider, for example monitoring-as-a-service. You can offer your customers more service and security. 

Monitoring of:

  • Customer networks, e.g. via VPN
  • Customer infrastructure, e.g. Server
  • Applications

Your benefit: 

  • Multi-client capability
  • Cost-effective business model ( e.g. Cloud)
  • Flexibility (linking to existing ticket system)

Industrial 4.0 / IoT

The Monitoring of technical systems can be represented with azeti Monitoring.

Through azeti Cloud, for example the sensor data can be available to the user in almost real time. The Cloud allows you to take actions remotely, e.g. light on / light off 

Remote Monitoring of sites (for example, container solutions)

  • Temperature
  • Access Control
  • Dead man’s switch
  • Humidity
  • Camera
  • Battery status

Your benefit: 

  • Cost-effective facility management solution
  • 1-n locations displayable, easy to configurate
  •  Optimization of on-site employee’s placement