Ease of use 


azeti SONARMANAGER is the central tool for the management of the SONARPLEX

With the help of templates you can create and configure, for example, hosts and services. Distributed locations are the strength of the SONARMANAGER, as these can be quickly and easily set up. With the help of SONARVIEW you also get a graphical highlight.


SONAR VIEW presents another possibility of a data visualization. Thus, the task of monitoring can be assigned to persons who didn`t came from the IT environment. The goal is, to illustrate different parameters graphically as simple as possible.


A GUI is often static. With the SONARPLEX Dashboard azeti goes a different way. In just few clicks, the user can create an individualized view.

Available from SONARPLEX 5.0


In the age of smartphones and constant availability azeti offers a Mobile App:azeti Lab

Available for iOS 

Azeti PlugINs

Plugins simplify the operability and provide maximum Monitoring.

For one thing, azeti provides the agent-based plugins, which offer maximum comfort and a secure data transfer. For example, CPU volume, Windows logs. For another thing, azeti offers SNMP and port-based plugins.

These serve as a holistic monitoring down to the last detail. E.g. storage, raid, netapp.

In addition, there are a number of plugins for the area of the IOT sensors.

Available plugins:

  • Netapp
  • Kyocera Toner
  • Exchange Sql
  • Video harvest
  • Zigbee Deamon
  • wireless Deamon
  • Cloud Exporter
  • Oracle Plugin

Our stock of plugins is constantly extended by project requests. Please contact us, if necessary.


The azeti Cloud approach enables a comfortable operation for the management of many distributed locations (also customer networks), or many distributed technical infrastructures. The Dashboard is multi-client capable. The actions for the remote monitoring can be created via Cloud. All of this helps to make a monitoring of distributed infrastructures, as automatic and effective as possible. For example, health and safety: so-called dead man’s switch in container solutions can be monitored in almost real time.